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Q&A 2018

What is your scripting process for Verse like?
I use illustrator to create a digital pin board, so I can lay out "sticky notes" into chapters and story beats. It lets me easily move things around and see at a glance the story trajectory.

I usually have things “scripted” out a few story beats at a time. I used to sit down and write entire chapters, but that worked out poorly and I’d end up throwing out a lot of work because I’d change something on the fly.


Do you plan on printing Verse? If so, when?
Yes! I sat out of conventions in 2018, but next year I plan on going to a few and I would love to have chapters 1-3 as the first volume.

How long does a page usually take you?
A full workday at least.

How long is Verse projected to be?
That digital board has 10 chapters currently, and so far each chapter has been approx. 35~ pages. But don’t hold me too any of that!

Why do you refer to Fife as "he”? / Not a native speaker, why do you refer to Fife as "he”?
Fife is a he, and that is why he is referred to as such. Easy.


What is everyone's favourite pastime?
I love this question, thanks for letting me indulge in OC minutia.

Neitya enjoys observational drawing, especially plants and wildlife. She also writes a lot of journals as a form of self-reflection and meditation.

As much as Fife says he’s into weapon-craft, what he actually likes is making jewellery. He doesn’t have a lot of time to do that anymore, but I’m sure he collects cool stones and things for later use.

Magdalena is 100% an academic in every possible way. She reads a lot, especially about historical Magic, and more modern Verse usage. Then spends her nights theorizing.

I have less detailed answers for the rest of the cast, but here they are:

Isolf - Cooking
Kidai - Taking care of any animals at the camp
Azar - Perfecting sleight of hand tricks
Ophelia - Nobody can catch Ophelia doing something that isn't training/work


Could you please tell us how you came up with the story and Neitya? :D
Almost 3 years ago, I drew a little sketch of a lady with horns and fell in love with the concept. Neitya's design has gone through a lot different iterations before settling on the one I use now.

As for the story… Verse was a lot more high-fantasy in the first draft (there were wizards and stuff). I ended up drifting towards a low-fantasy setting because that was more interesting to me. I wanted to explore how people perceive technology, how it can be something unknown and scary, yet helpful and well— magical. The “magic" in Verse is a stand-in for technology in that sense.


What are the rules for magic in this world, are there different "school" or are there just one type of magic just used in different ways???
Without getting spoiler-y, Magic (like the stuff you’d see in a JRPG), is something humans have lost the ability to use. The Verse is scripture that has granted humans the power to augment reality in a limited, but tangible way. However, using it is laborious, time consuming, and requires literacy of the Verse. That literacy is a privilege in this world. It’s why Fife, a kid from a small village, knows only how to keep the wind from putting out a fire. While someone like Magdalena, a scholar, knows what to write/speak to create the illusion of a tree line. Then you have Branca who possess such extensive knowledge of the Verse that what she does is almost indiscernible from real Magic.

What happened to Ash? Is she okay? D:
Ash is fine! You might even see her in a few hundred pages or so...


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