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The Wraiths: Intros

I've wanted to share these short snippets for such a long time. Finally cleaned up some of the writing so it's readable. The writing focuses on the background of the Wraiths. (who appear in the next update...)

Ophelia Toset
Ophelia grew up in a small village east of Maidenstone. Her parents died at a young age leaving her and her sister to look out for one another. Ophelia joined the military as soon as she could because it paid well. Her sister became a seamstress in the city.

Ophelia wanted to become a Ryver but wasn’t good at deciphering the Verse. What she excelled at was combat, and through sheer force proved she could handle the Vel. She was made Captain of the Essic Ryvers, and was loved by those who served under her. Slowly she began receiving orders from the King to only aid villages he deemed "useful" to the crown. If a village didn’t contribute enough in taxes they would never receive the help of the Ryvers when Vel attacked. Ophelia would routinely go against her superiors directions and aid whichever town or community needed it.

Eventually her officers couldn’t ignore her actions and they threatened to relieve her of her duties. She instead decided to desert them and branch off to found the Wraiths with Azar and a couple other people from her unit.

Azar Majidi
Azar was a successful pickpocket in Kalis, but it wasn’t enough. He needed more money to support his mother, and found himself indentured to a society of thieves. Azar discovered his mother was using the money to support a drug habit, and having nothing left, he stowed away on a merchant vessel that was headed for Essear, to escape his debts and his past.

In Essear he took on a new identity, and found a position in the Essic military where he met Ophelia, a rising star, Captain of the Essic Ryvers. Somewhat enamored and hoping to impress Ophelia, he also became a Ryver and the two were an unstoppable force. He had the same feelings as Ophelia towards the military and gladly joined her in desertion and forming the Wraiths.

Magdalena Astrantia

Magdalena comes from a small island off the west coast of Essear. Her family is huge and she was one of the younger children. Her family encouraged her to pursue a post-secondary education. She began studying at the College of Essear with a focus on Magical history and the Verse. She learned about the Wraiths from her then girl-friend Simone, who was also part of the Essic military. Magdalena decided to approach them to see if she could help in anyway. Because of her ties to the College faculty, which include members of the Iron Gate, Ophelia asked her to act as a spy and keep check of what was happening in the city.

Isolf Orfevre

Isolf comes from an affluent family in Maidenstone. Being the youngest meant they were weren’t going to be groomed for politics. Their family forced them into the military as soon as they were old enough.

Being a skilled swordsman and having an education that taught them the Verse meant they obtained the position of Ryver at a young age. Isolf was keen to help with the threat of Vel, but learned that being a Ryver was was nothing more than a title. The military had no real interest in helping people that weren’t directly within the cities reach. Isolf learned about a group of deserters who had taken matters of the Vel into their own hands. They sought the group out, and soon after Ophelia recruited them into the Wraiths.

Their family disowned them after learning they had deserted. Despite having a rocky relationship with their parents, they miss receiving letters from their brothers.

Kidai Gan

Kidai’s home country was in the midst of a decade long civil war. So his family fled and travelled north to find refuge in Essear. Life was difficult. His father’s health was poor, and his siblings were too young to work, so Kidai took on many jobs to support his family. One day while he was working in a nearby town, Vel attacked his village.

The Wraiths, led by Ophelia, arrived to take care of the Vel, but the help came too late. Kidai’s family didn’t survive the attack. Kidai pleaded with the Wraiths to take him in, he wanted to dedicate his life to eliminating the Vel. Ophelia in a moment of pity agreed. Kidai has lived with the Wraiths since then, and is one of the few members not originally from a military background.

One of the youngest members of the Wraiths, Kidai is an excellent scout making him ideal for patrolling outer villages for any sign of trouble. His rough personality clashes with almost every member except Isolf. The two are usually paired up for patrols. To others it’s surprising how devout Kidia is. He follows the teachings of Ladis, and holds the belief that the Verse is not just a tool, but sacred in itself.

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